WHY Danger Box? Here’s the back story:

I had this old wooden 7-UP crate that had been used in the 50’s by the soda company to transport the pop bottles to and from the plant to be rinsed out, refilled and returned to stores. It had a lifetime of use before it somehow ended up in my childhood bedroom, where it toted my grubby rock collection for years. I grew up, moved out, and brought the 7-UP box along. Over the years it lugged my college texts, my art supplies, my mud caked work boots and fire fighting hard hat, my dog’s dishes and kibbles. The past few years it’s gotten the easier and more sedate job of hoarding my unopened mail.

When my son was six I suddenly realized he owned a billion Legos. The wimpy plastic container that held them was clearly not going to be around for much longer. I needed a sturdy box, ideally something that could magically inspire him to pick up the tiny toy pieces, and return them to their box. Since nothing like this exists, I knew it was up to me to make it happen.

Soon after this decision I realized the answer had literally been with me all along. In fact, there it was, sitting quietly in a dark neglected corner of my office, brimming with junk mail. I dumped out the mail and looked upon my old 7-UP box with new eyes. It was incredibly durable! The wooden finger joinery had held that thing together for decades of use and abuse. It had perfect handles, was big enough to hold just about anything, yet small and light enough a child could tote it about. Here was the inspiration I needed.

Confidently I told myself I could learn to make this vintage, bomber wooden box! But, I needed the magical touch that would speak to my son.

At that time he was fascinated with mining in Nevada. What could be more perfect than creating a replica of an antique dynamite crate for a little boy who has too many Legos, AND loves mining?

So, that’s what I did. The first box was just that. I researched dynamite crates and designed a replica logo of a chemical company and the warnings that typically are found on boxes full of dynamite. I laser engraved the design on my first wooden hand built box. Then the big test. I dumped all the Legos into the “dynamite crate” and presented it to my son. He loved it. So realistic! Instantly it joined the stream of his imagination. He could easily pick up the light box full of Legos, yet it was sturdy enough to be knocked around.

Before long I became jealous of my son’s awesome custom box and made one for myself. I found that I used it for virtually everything. Groceries, whatever was going in the car that day, sports gear, dog toys, library books, biking gear, you name it.

I decided everyone needs something as useful and custom like this in their lives. A box that literally stands the test of time, with the upgrade of custom design.  I started my new hand built wooden box business, and named it Danger Box after the very first one I made.

So, did the first Danger Box miraculously convince my son to pick up his toys? No. But you should order one anyway.